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Introducing – let’s bring your wall with you

How it works

Mebile keep all of your notes, calendars and stuffs you usually post on your board at home, and work on our server. It literally acts like a wall that holds your information just as a physical board would in real world. Along with rapid grown web technology, Mebile utilized the latest technology to ensure native application user experience. And even better, we have refined our user interface repeatingly for best user interaction and ease of use. The bottom line is we care for our users.

Your wall on the cloud

Mebile keep your group’s information such as notes, calendars, tasks and data on our server so that you can access them anywhere, anytime. Mebile is all about group work, we help you and your team manage works and collaborate.

Easy to use

Mebile was designed with great focus on customer’s interaction experience. Its intuitive interface offers quick and easy way to get your stuff on the wall. There is nothing to hide. Everything is graphically displayed that make sense. You can create note, or an calendar event with just a click of a button. It is so easy, even our registration form only takes a few seconds to complete.

Things you usually put on your wall

From all the basic stuffs that you use daily like notes, tasks list and contacts list to even better stuffs such as calendar, maps, expense manager and data table. Still, that is not all. You can even have thousands of already available  external web widgets within Mebile, or you can write your own widget to fit your business.


Mebile is a collaborative base application so you can create networks and have many people join you. With Mebile, their is no limit to how many member in your network you can have. Mebile also offers you an abilty to manage your members with advanced permissions. You can control which member can create or edit, you can even assign member to view only specific work spaces.

There is no limit to where Mebile applies

Whether you use Mebile at work or at home thinking about leaving a note for your team, posting ideas on a project, posting meetings and events on calendar. Mebile fits it all.


Mebile Blog Try Mebile

History Version Updates Tracker:

Version 0.1 : Updated new color scheme and ability to create tabs

Future Features

  • Send email notifications to network’s member when there are new activities
  • Maximize calendar for better viewing and organizing events
  • Maximized calendar allowes mixed view of all events in available calendars in a tab
  • Upload and share files
  • PDF sharing and notation
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