Creating HTML buttons with <a> tag

In this post I would like share my experience on creating buttons in HTML and CSS. why <a> tag? you may ask. Why not others like button, div, span or input. The answer is, <a> supports hover and active parameters in CSS by most browsers. Apple Webkit supports all CSS mouse events on all of [...]

Install ImageMagick and GhostScript on Mac OS

While trying to find ways to convert PDF to Image using PHP I have cam across some really cool stuff and I would like to share my experience on getting this to work on my Mac Server.

How to transfer your WordPress blog to a different domain name

In this tutorial I will show you how to transfer your WordPress blog to a different host and on a different domain name. This might sound very simple as many may think, because there is a feature called Export and Import. This does a pretty good job transferring your entire WordPress database from one host to another. But what if your posts contain links to different posts within your site, this will not get updated and you will have to go to edit post by post. This is a real pain if you have huge database with hundreds, not to mention thousands of posts.

How to Install Entropy PHP 5.2 on Mac OS X Leopard Server 64-bit

While setting up my own local Mac OS X Leopard server, I’ve come across this problem and I thought I would share this to people who are or going to be on the same boat as me.

How to bypass Router on Mac OS X (Port Forwarding)

This tutorial will show you how to bypass a router when trying to connect to your computer. This is also known as “port forwarding” and is useful when trying to set up a server from behind a router.