Remove Vietnamese Accented Character using Javascript
May 11th, 2011 by Administrator    

This is a script that removes Vietnamese accented characters from a string. This script can also be used to remove other languages accented characters.

function str_replace(search, replace, str)
var ra = replace instanceof Array, sa = str instanceof Array, l = (search = [].concat(search)).length, replace = [].concat(replace), i = (str = [].concat(str)).length;
while(j = 0, i–)
while(str[i] = str[i].split(search[j]).join(ra ? replace[j] || “” : replace[0]), ++j < l);
return sa ? str : str[0];
function remove_accents(str)
accents_arr= new Array(
no_accents_arr= new Array(
return str_replace(accents_arr,no_accents_arr,str);

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