Lumion 3D – Real-time engine designed for Architectural viz
December 9th, 2010 by Phong Vu    

“Finally, anyone can create architectural movie in minutes”.

This is the brand new software package, that utilizes solely on GPU to navigate and render 3D world. With its intuitive interface and hundreds of included pre-made 3d models in its library, it is very easy for you to get started. Creating amazing real-time 3D scenes is a snap. There many positive sides of this software. Amazing real-time engine, huge collection of library, easy to use, stable, quality shaders, fast render output. The most impressive thing is to import a very high poly models.

This will be a new era for architecture visualization. This is the future of presentation and design analysis as we can walk right through our design in a real life environment.

Check out the demo scenes created using Lumion 3D. Amazing right?

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