Project: Me Tri Township Development
November 29th, 2010 by Administrator    

This project has come through many stages, and this is the final document for 1/2000 scale permit, I hope. I have been following along with this project at KDA for almost a year now and we haven’t got anywhere yet. Hope it will end soon so we can more to the next step of 1/500 scale document.

3D in the making

Most of the model was modeled in Modo, final render in Modo. Some minor buildings was modeled in ArchiCAD.



Bird's Eye Near



Bird's Eye Far Along Lang Hoa Lac


Bird's Eye Far Along Pham Hung



Lake View



Domestic Circulation



Iconic Tower



Iconic Tower Plaza



Iconic Tower From Bridge



Bird's Eye Near



Driving from Hanoi National Convention Center



Look from Hanoi National Convention Center


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  1. Looks good.

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