Model Exchange: ArchiCAD to Modo
November 29th, 2010 by Administrator    

Since ArchiCad only exporting DWG, DXF and 3DS files, Modo can only import 3Ds and DXF. But model in these files come to Modo as triangles, not quad or N-gons, which is impossible to make any further editing in Modo. Therefore this workflow involves using a third application that read NURBS models and convert them to polygons, and can be able to export to FBX file format because FBX suites best for Modo. In my case I use 3D Max.

  1. First step is to export the Model to 3DS format.
  2. Then import them into 3D Max
  3. Ungroup everything
  4. Select All then right click, go to Convert-> Convert to editable Polys
  5. Regroup everything
  6. Export to FBX
  7. Import into Modo.

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