Model exchange: 3D Max to Modo
November 28th, 2010 by Administrator    

This is a quick note on how to export 3D models from 3D Max to Luxology Modo efficiently so that you can continue editing in Modo.

  1. Ungroup everything (Select All then go to Group->Ungroup)
    Or merge you groups into single object, make sure there is no group existed.
  2. Convert all of your object to Editable Poly (Select object then Right-click->Convert to Editable Polys)
  3. Group everything into one group. (Select All then go to Group->Group, enter any name and hit OK) (Important!)
  4. Change the unit of 3D max to centimeter in Customize -> Unit Setup -> System Units (Important!)
  5. Export to FBX file format.
  6. From Modo, simply open the new FBX file.

If you have any question please post in the comment section.

At the time of writing this. I was using 3D Max 2011 and Luxology Modo 401 SP5.

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