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March 4th, 2009 by Administrator    

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In the making of iPhong dot Com web blog, I came across this great article about how to create a WordPress theme from scratch. I’m very new to this WordPress thing, I used to write my own web application with PHP and barely use third party applications. ¬†At first, when I looked at pre-made themes’ structures, it was so complicated. I couldn’t understand I thing. But then, when I started reading this article, I began to understand the basics and found it so easy. I was so excited, with my PHP and CSS skills, I was able to put together a theme in about a night. The process was quite smooth and I haven’t got any problem. So far so good. Now is time for me to develop few custom plug-ins for this blog, and start writing, and collecting great tutorials.

Here is the link to that tutorial, Hope you guys all find it useful.

Click here to view the tutorial


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