Create typographic letter using Photoshop
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What is Typography?

In order to create a typographic wallpaper, it would make sense to know a bit about Typography in the first place. Typography is the art and technique of arranging movable type. What does this mean? It means that text itself portrays a message all of its own. Its location, font-family, font-style, color and size all determine the message it portrays. Using a really blocky font for a wedding image wouldn’t make sense, because blocky text isn’t elegant or extravagant, like cursive and curly fonts can be. While this tutorial won’t focus on the essence of typography, understanding what makes type look good will help to create a great design.

This is by no means an in depth look at typography. Typography is a subject folks have written many, many books on, and there is a lot to be learned about it. I‚Äôd definitely suggest picking up a book like “Thinking With Type” if it‚Äôs something you find interest in.

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