250 Hi Res Splatter, Spray, & Watercolor Photoshop Brushes
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Don’t have the time to buy the right materials and create your own traditional-style-painting Photoshop Brushes? Maybe you just don’t know where to start? No worries Рwe’ve found nearly 250 of the best Splatter, Paint, Spray, and Watercolor brushes that we think you’ll love!

Messy Spraypaint Photoshop Brushes

Free Hi-Res Messy Spraypaint Brushes

10 especially messy Hi-Resolution spraypaint brushes for your personal enjoyment, provided by the wonderful BittBox.

Hi-Res Watercolor Brushes

18 Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

Another brilliant creation from the folks over at BittBox – this time, a set of 18 huge Watercolor Photoshop Brushes.

Hi-Res Watercolor Brushes

20 More Hi Resolution Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

As if the first set wasn’t enough for us, there is an additional set of 20 more Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes put together by BittBox. These brushes are perfect for putting together traditional style paintings right in Photoshop!

Acryllic Photoshop Brushes

Free Acrylic Photoshop Brushes

We’ve featured these before, but the shoreways fabulous pack of Free Acrylic Photoshop Brushes is not something that you should be missing in your arsenal of resources.

Hard Brush Strokes

Hard Brush Stroke Photoshop Brushes

Some really great, grungy, hard brush strokes put together by Eugene Ang.

Photoshop Splatter Brush Set

A free splatter brush set containing 8 different brushes, designed by BenBlogged.com.

Photoshop Splatter Brushes

10 Hi-Res Splatter Photoshop Brushes

These are some of the top quality Splatter Brushes I’ve come across, and the best part is, they’re all free and very large!

Photoshop Splatter Brush Set

Vector Style Splatter Brush Set

20 more splatter brushes, but in a more opaque form for different styles of design than some of the more traditional style brushes.

Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes

Go Media Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes

Go Media’s got an incredible set of 7 hi-resolution Photoshop Brushes (2,500 px!) for creating your own sprays in your designs! Scroll down the page a bit to find’em.

Gradient Splatter Brushes

Gradient Splats Brush Set

A pack of 29 inky, smeary, dirty splatter brushes designed by Guerilla Graphics.

Hi-Res Grunge Splatter Brushes

Hi-Res Grunge Ink Splatter Brushes

Download an extra 9 Hi-Resolution Grunge Ink Splatter Brushes, hand splattered by Dominik Lenk for the entire design community.

Hi-Res Splatter Brushes

Hi-Res Splatter Brushes

This massive set of 41 splatter brushes definitely deserves some attention, and probably even a download. Oh, and many of the brushes in the set are up to 2500 px.

Spray Splatter Brushes

8 Pack of Spray Brushes

8 more spraypaint brushes to add to your growing collection, all free to use in both personal and commercial work!

Paint Smudge Brushes

Paint Smudge Brushes

A unique pack of 14 smudged paint Photoshop Brushes created using watercolors.

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